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Who is who

S.No. person who is he/she
1RamaSon of Dasharatha and Kousalya
2RavanaTen headed King of Lanka,who abducted Sita; brother of Vibhishana & Surpanakha; father of Indrajit; husband of Mandodari
3IndraIndra is the King of the demi-gods or Devas and Lord of Heaven or Svargaloka in Hindu mythology. He is also the God of War, Storms, and Rainfall.
4DasharathaRama's father and King of Kaushala
5LaxmanaQueen Sumitra's son and Rama's brother
6ShatrughnaRama's younger borther
7BharataBrother of Rama and son of Kaikeyi
8ValmikiGreat Poet and creator of Ramayana; Sage who helped Sita and her two son Lava-Kush stay at his place
9VishnuHindu Lord; Rama is considered as eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu
10VasishtaHead priest (kul Guru) of Ayodhya
11VishwamitraRishi, who took Rama for killing troubling demons
12YakshaYaksha is the name of a broad class of nature-spirits, usually benevolent, who are caretakers of the natural treasures hidden in the earth and tree roots.
13TatakaDemoness (rakshasi) killed by Rama; mother of Mareecha
15MarichiWho assumed form of suvarna mriga (golden deer) and help abduct Sita
16SitaDaughter of Janaka; wife of Rama; mother of Luv and Kush
17ShivaHindu Lord, whose bow was lifted by Rama in swayamvar
19KaikeyiDashartha's youngest queen and mother of Bharata who asked for Rama's exile
20MantharaMaid servant of Keikeyi who convinced her for Bharat's thorn and exile of Rama
21ShurpanakhaRavan's sister whose ears and nose were cut by Laxman
22JatayuGreat bird who was killed by Ravana while rescuing Sita
23HanumanSon of the wind God; Devout of Rama and a leading warrior among monkey tribe
24SugreevaKing of monkey tribe and King of Kiskindha
25ValiCousin of Sugriva, who occupied Kiskindha and was killed by Rama
26SampatiBrother of Jatayu
27IndrajitRavana's son who fought with Rama with magical powers
28VibhishanaRavana's brother who leaves Lanka to join Rama and later become king of Lanka
29KumbhakarnaBrother of Ravana and Shurpanakha
31AgastyaRishi Agasthya is one of the greatest seers of the Vedas.He is considered as the first and foremost Siddha (knowledge and accomplishments),and therefore the guru of many Siddhars.Rishi Agastya made pioneering contributions to the field of Ayurveda (alternative medicine) and Jyotish (Vedic Astrology particularly Nadi Astrology). Rishi Agastya lived for over 5000 years, and one of his medicinal preparations, Boopathi Kuligai, was so powerful that it could even bring the dead back to life. His wife is Lopamudra and son Dridhasyu.Agastya married and had a son so that his ancestors no longer had to hang upside down but obtained the regions of heaven that they desired.
32SuryaIn Ramayana, Surya is described as father of the King Sugriva, who helped Rama and Lakshmana in defeating the demon king Ravana. He also trains Hanuman as his guru. The Suryavanshi / Suryavansha dynasty of kings, Rama being one of them, also claims descent from Surya.In Mahabharata, Surya is referred to as father of Karna.In Hindu religious literature, Surya is notably mentioned as the visible form of God that one can see every day.Furthermore, Shaivites and Vaishnavas often regard Surya as an aspect of Shiva and Vishnu, respectively. For example, the sun is called Surya Narayana by Vaishnavas. In Shaivite theology, Surya is said to be one of eight forms of Shiva, named the Astamurti.
33AgniAgni is a Hindu deity, one of the most important of the Vedic gods. He is the god of fire and the acceptor of sacrifices. The sacrifices made to Agni go to the deities because Agni is a messenger from and to the other gods. He is ever-young, because the fire is re-lit every day, and also immortal. Agni, the Vedic god of fire, has made the transition into the Hindu pantheon of gods, without losing his importance. With Varuna and Indra he is one of the supreme gods in the Rig Veda. The link between heaven and earth, the deities and the humans, he is associated with Vedic sacrifice, taking offerings to the other world in his fire. In Hinduism, his vehicle is the ram
34AshwamedhaThe Ashvamedha "horse sacrifice") was one of the most important royal rituals of Vedic religion, described in detail in the Yajurveda .The Ashvamedha could only be conducted by a king. Its object was the acquisition of power and glory, the sovereignty over neighbouring provinces, and general prosperity of the kingdom.
35AhalyaWife of sage Gautama, who got curse and turn into a stone and later became free from curse by the touch of Rama
36GautamSage/Rishi who cursed her wife Ahalya to be a stone for her immoral conduct
37JambuvanLeader of bears who found Sita with his supernatural powers
38JanakaKing of Mithila; Father of Sita, who found her in a furrow
39KausalyaDashratha's queen and Rama's mother
40KevatBoatman who let Rama, Laxman and Sita cross the river in his boat and washes Rama's feet for his fee
41KharBrother of Ravana and Shurpanakha
42KushSon of Rama and Sita
43Lava / LuvSon of Rama and Sita,brother of Kush
44 MandaviBharat's wife & King Janak's daughter
45MeghanadRavana's son, who made Laxman unconscious in the battlefield with his arrow
46Nala Son of great builder who helped Rama build bridge to Lanka
47ShabariDevotee of Ram who offered him berry fruit
48ShatanandaHead Preist (kul Guru) of Mithila
49ShravanSon of blind parents; known as an idol of service to parents
50ShrutkirtiShatrughna's wife and King Janak's daughter
51SumantaCharioteer of King Dasharatha
52SumitraWife of Dashratha; Mother of Laxman & Shatrughna
53SunayanaWife of King Janak; Mother of Sita
54SushenLankan physician, who advised Sanjivani herbs from Kailas mountain in order to cure Laxman
55TulsidasSanskrit scholar and poet who created Ramcharitmanas, a version of Valmiki Ramayana in local Avadhi language
56UrmilaLaxman's wife; daughter of King Janak and sister of Sita
57MaataliIndra's charioteer whom he sent to Rama along with his devine chariot to help him in the battle against Ravana

The seven kaands of Ramayana

The whole of Ramayana is divided into seven Kaands(volumes)as detailed below.For any information on any chapters in any Kaand please click on the name of the kaanda.The information is given in question & answer form for each kaanda.
Image of Shri Rama and Sita
Baal Kaand
  • Valmiki,the writer of The Ramayana,Writing of The Ramayana,The Birth of Lord Shri Rama,Vishwamitra and Rama leave for the forest,Shri Rama kills Tataka,the Raakshsi(she-demon),Shri Rama destroys Mareecha and Subahu,Shri Ram marries Sita,Shri Rama meets Parasurama
  • Ayodhya Kaand
  • Shri Ram returns to Ayodhya,Manthara,the evil woman,ShriRam goes into exile,Raja Dashratha's death,Bharatha arrives,Bharatha meets ShriRam
  • Aranya Kaand
  • Shri Rama leaves Chitrakoot,ShriRama meets sage Agastya,Lakshmana chops off Surpanakha's nose,Ravana's oath,Ravana kidnaps Sita,Jatayu fights Ravana,ShriRama defeats Kabandha,the demon,Shri Rama meets Shabari
  • Kishkinda Kaand
  • ShriRama meets Hanuman,ShriRama and Sugreeva become friends,ShriRama and Sugreeva promise to help each other,Vali killed,Preparations to search for Seeta,Hanuman reminded of his strength
  • Sundara Kaand
  • Hanuman flies across the sea,Hanuman finds Sita in Ashoka Van,Hanuman burns Lanka
  • Yuddha Kaand
  • Mission attack Lanka,Building of the setu bridge,Battle with Indrajeet,Ravana's pull-back,ShriRama kills Kumbhakarna Indrajeet killed,Hanuman's glory,ShriRama kills Ravana,Sita freed,ShriRama crowned king of Ayodhya
  • Uttara Kaand
  • Sita became pregnant,Rama sent Sita into exile after hearing a washerman, She took shelter at the hermitage of sage Valmiki, where her twin sons Lava and Kusha were born,Rama conducted the Ashwamedha Yagna and the ritual horse and the forces led by Bharata, were challenged by the twins, Rama himself was taken prisoner and produced before Sita, an emotional reunion took place.

  • Questions and answers



    Questions Answers
    The seven Kaands(volumes) of Ramayan Baal Kaand,Ayodhya Kaand,Aranya Kaand,Kishkinda Kaand,Sunder Kaand,Yuddha Kaand and Uttara Kaand
    Valmiki's real name Ratnakar
    Who was responsible for turning Ratnakar,the robber,into Valmiki Sage Narada
    Who wrote the world's greatest book "The Ramayan" in Sanskrit Valmiki
    -Who is also known as aadyakavi Valmiki
    Capital of Kingdom of Kosala ruled by king Dasaratha Ayodhya
    Name the queens of King Dasharatha Kousalya,Sumitra and Kaikeyi.
    What was the blessing given by Brahma,the supreme God to Ravana Brahma gave a blessing that protected Ravana from being killed by either gods or demons or any other devine being.However Ravana forgot to ask protection from being killed by man.
    Which god was asked by all gods to destroy Ravana who was troubling the gods,by being born in human form as the eldest son of King dasharatha Lord Vishnu
    How Dasharatha who was childless got four children. As per the advice of his gurus, King Dasharatha conducted a Yaga.and at the end of the Yaga,a divine being appeared infront of King Dasharatha.Handing over a pot of Paayasam to Dasharatha the divine being ordered him to feed the payasam to his three queens.After the queens drank the payasam,four children were born to them.Queen Kousalya gave birth to Rama Queen Sumitra gave birth to Laxmana and Shatrughna and Queen kaikeyi gave birth to Bharata.
    Who was the Rajguru of king Dasharatha's court Sage Vashishta
    Who took shri Rama & Laxmana into the forest to fight the demons who were troubling while performing yagas Sage Vishwamitra
    which demons were harassing the holy men performing yagas Tataka (wife of Sunda,a Yaksha) and her son Maricha
    Who killed Tataka Shri Rama
    Name the demons killed by Shri Ram while living in the ashram of sage Vishwamitra Maricha and Subahu.
    Who ruled the kingdom of Mithila Raja Janaka
    Who took Rama & Laxmana to the kingdom of Mithila to show a huge bow on display and to attend the yaga Sage Vishwamitra
    What did Raja Janaka announced. On a decorated stage was a gigantic bow.The bow was not stung.It was the bow of Shiva.Raja Janaka announced that his daughter Sita would be given in marriage to any one stinging the bow.
    How did Rama married Sita Rama bent the bow and stung it.Such was the strength of Shri Rama that the bow broke.Sita garlanded Shri Rama and thus shri Rama married Sita
    Whose son was Parasurama He was the son of sage Jamadagni.
    Parasuram was a ---- and thought that all -----were his enemies Brahmin,Kshatriyas
    Why was Parasuram out to seek revenge on all Kshatriyas. Parasuram was carrying a giant bow on one shoulderand an axe on the other.The bow he was carrying was presented by Lord Vishnu to Richik of Bhrigu clan.Richik inturn presented it to Parasuram's father Jamadagni.A kshatriya ,mistaking Jamadagni for Richik killed him.That is why Parasuram was out to seek revenge on all kshatriyas.
    How did Parasuram lost all his powers. He challenged Rama to string the bow given by Lord vishnu and fight with him.Saying"once I put arrow to bow and shoot it I cannot take it back"ShriRam asked Parasuram which one he preferred to be shot ,himself or all his powers.Parasuram ashamed at his arrogance asked Rama to spare him and transferred all the powers to shri Rama.

    Ayodhya Kaand


    Questions Answers
    Who was Manthara and What was her evil advice to Kaikey on the eve of Shri Rama being crowned as King. Manthara was Kaikey's maid servant and she reminded Kaikey that King Dasharatha had once promised Kaikey to fulfill her two wishes.She therfore advised Kaikey to ask Dasharatha now that her son Bharatha should be made the king and that Shri Ram should be sent to the jungle for fourteen years.
    Who directed Shri Rama,Sita & Laxmana in the direction of Chitrakoot to spend his fourteen years of exile. Sage Bharadwaj.
    ____killed Shravankumar by accident King Dasharatha
    What was the curse given to King Dasharatha by the parents of Shravankumar "As you have killed our only son one day you will also grieve for your son and die" was the curse.
    Who said to whom;"It is because of you my father died!It is because of you that my beloved brother went into exile.I don't want to see your face. Bharatha said to his mother Kaikeyi
    Where did Bhararha meet Shri Rama immediately after the death of King Dasharatha In Chitrakoot.
    What did Bharatha tell Shri Rama when he met him in Chitrakoot. Bharatha informed Shri Rama about the death of their father King Dasharatha and requested him to come to Ayodhya and rule the kingdom.
    Who said to whom;"Please give me your sandals.I will place them on the throne of Ayodhya and worship them and rule the kingdom in your name Bharatha told Shri Rama

    Aranya Kaand


    Questions Answers
    Why did shri Rama decided to move out of Chitrakoot Chitrakoot was very close to Ayodhya.Shri Rama thought if he remained there for a long time people would keep visiting him and persuade him to return to Ayodhya and he would not be able to obey his father's order.So he left Chitrakoot.
    Name the demon who was killed by Shri Rama after leaving Chitrakoot and entering deep into the jungle known as Dandakaranya and reacing the shores of a huge lake. The demon killed by Shri Rama was Viradha
    Name the first sage whom Shri Rama met when he was moving deep into the the jungles. The first sage he met was Sharabhanga
    Who lead Shri Rama to the ashrama of sage Agasthya. sage Suteekshana
    What weapons were given to Shri Rama by sage Agasthya to kill the demons and to which place he was directed to stay Sage Agasthya presented Shri Rama with devine weapons which included a magical bow, two quivers full of arrows and a Khadga or a scimitair and told him that those devine weapons would help him kill all the demonsand asked him to go and stay in Panchavati region
    where did Jatayu met Shri Rama He met Shri Rama on his way to Pachavati.
    Who was Jatayu and what did he offer to Shri Rama Thinking Jatayu as a demon Shri Rama asked Laxmana to shoot an arrow at him.When Laxmana was about to shoot ,Jatayu introduced himself as king of the eagles and guardian of that forest and requested not to shoot him and also offered to guard shri Rama in the forest.
    Which river runs near panchavati River Godavari.
    Where was the cottage for Shri Rama,Laxmana and Sita was built till their exile was over. The cottage was built at Panchavati on the banks of river Godavari.
    Who was Surpanakha and why did Laxmana cut off her nose Surpanakha was she demon and Ravana's sister. she came to the cottage where Rama,Laxmana and Sita were staying.She requested Shri Rama to marry her.Shri Rama in a playful mood pointed towards Laxmana and told her to ask him to marry her as he is a fitter one.Thus Shri Rama and Laxmana kept on sending Surpanakha back and forth.Realising that she was being fooled,Surpanakha got angry and pounced upon Sita threating her to kill besides both Rama and Laxmana.Before she could harm Sita,ever alert Laxmana caught hold of her and cut off her nose.
    Who was Khara Khara was Surpanakha's brother.
    What did Khara do on hearing his sister's insult He fought with Shri Rama and Laxmana with his army of 1400 soldiers,all demons and was defeated and killed along with his army.
    Why did Ravana decided to kidnap Sita. Panicked by the death of her brother Khara and his army, Surpanakha went to his brother Ravana and told him the whole story. To take revenge on Rama, she also told Ravana that Shri Rama has a beautiful wife called Sita and that she was only fit to be the wife of a great king like Ravana.Ravana liked what his sister told him and decided to kidnap Sita.
    Whom did Ravana go to after deciding to kidnap Sita. He went to Mareecha and asked him to help in kidnapping Sita
    What was the plan of Ravana for kidnapping Sita He asked Mareecha to go to Sita in disguise as a golden dear when Shri Rama was out hunting and to draw Laxmana away from guarding Sita so that Ravana can approach Sita when she was alone and kidnap her.
    What was Mareecha's reaction. He repeatedly warned Ravana not to do so because Rama being more powerful than Ravana would definitely destroy him and his family.When Ravana did not listen to him and threatened him to kill Mareecha reluctantly agreed to do as told by Ravana.
    What was Sita's reaction when she saw the golden dear. She asked Laxmana to bring it for her.Laxman however did not obey her and told her not to insist on the dear saying it was some demon who through some magic had come as a dear to trap us.
    How could Ravana kidnap seeta When Rama's cry for help was heard from great distance and Sita insisted Laxman to leave immediately for helping Rama. Laxman drew a LAXMANA REKHA (a line drawn with an arrow around the ashram)and requested Sita not to cross this line otherwise she will be in danger.and left.Knowing Sita was alone Ravana came in disguise as a Sadhu and asked Sita to give alms(shouting loudly "Bhavati,Biksham dehi,Bhavati,Biksham dehi,").Ravana stood outside the Laxman Rekha .He knew that if he crossed the line he will be killed.He asked Sita to come out of the ashram gate and give him food ;otherwise he would not take it from her. Not wanting to annoy a holy man Sita did so.As soon as she crossed the line Ravana lifted her ,put her in his chariot and raced towards his kingdom Lanka.
    As ordered by Shri Rama, who was keeping guard around the Shri Rama's ashram Jatayu,the king of eagles.
    With whom Jatayu fought and how. Hearing Sita's cries for help, Jatayu looked up & saw Ravana's chariot flying high in the air with Sita in it.He also srose high with his mighty wings and fought with Ravana to save Sita but but though he put up a good fight and destroyed Ravana's chariot, Ravana cut off his wings and he fell to the ground badly injured.
    How Rama & Laxmana came to know of Sita's kidnapping. After leaving Sita alone Laxman went after the golden deer and deep in to the jungles.On the way he metShri rama who was on his way back.Laxmana told him the whole story.and when they came to the ashram they did not find Sita there but found moaning Jatayu around there.Jatayu told Rama Ravana carried Sita with him and his fight with him and also showed the direction in which Ravana went .Thus sayingjatayu closed his eyes his head in Rama's lap.
    Name the demon who met ShriRama and Laxmana when they started their search for Sita through very thick jungles. The name of the demon was Kabandha.It was a giant of a demon with red eyes long yellowish teeth and long hands.
    What did Shri Rama and Laxman do to the demon. . As the demon caught Shri Rama and Laxman in its arms and started crushing them,the brothers (Rama and Laxmana)cut off the arms of Kabandha
    Who was kabandha and how he became a demon After Shri Rama and Laxmana introduced themselves to the demon and when they asked the demon who he was ,the demon told them that he was formerly the king of the Gandharvas.and was handsome and proud of his looks.He made fun of a holy man called Ashtavakra who was not so good looking.The holy man cursed him to become a demon.Realising his mistake the king said sorry to Ashtavakra who said he would be free of his curse the moment he met Shri Rama and Laxmana and they chopped his arms.Saying so the demon asked Shri Rama and Laxman to dump him in the fire so that he would again turn into the king.After Shri Rama and Laxman did so, he turned into old beautiful form.and directed Shri Rama and Laxman to the ashram of Shabari who he said would guide them further to search Sita.
    Who was Shabari Shabari was a vanavasi .She was blind.She was blind,loving and generous.She worshipped Shri Rama with her whole heart.Some holy man had told her that one day Shri Rama would come to her and meet her.So she was waiting patiently for that great day.
    What did Shabari do on hearing that Shri Rama was in the forest and that he was on his way to meet her. Shabari collected the choicest of fruits from the jungles.She wanted to give the best and the sweetest fruits to Shri Rama;but being blind she could not see which fruit was ripe and which was not.So she tasted each fruit one by one and kept the good ones only for Shri Rama to eat.
    What was Shabari's reaction when Shri Rama and Laxmana came to her. She fell at the feet of Shri Rama and said how blessed she was.Shri Rama lifted her up and told her that he was pleased with her love and devotionfor himand said 'You are liberated now."Shabari offered to Shri Rama the fruits she had collected .After they ate the fruits, Shabari
    .What did Shabari told Shri Rama to rescue Sita. Shabari said"very near this place there is a lake called Pampa.Near the Pampa lake is a huge hill called Rishyamukha.Ther lives the brave king of monkeys,Sugreeva.He is afraid of his brother Vali and so is living on the hill.Vali cannot attack Sugreeva while he is on Rishyamukyh hill as he afraid of a holy man living there."So Shabari advised Shri Rama to go to Sugreeva and make friendship with him who will help to get Sita back.So they started moving towards the Rishyamukh hill.

    Kishkinda Kaand


    Questions Answers
    Hanuman was ------'s minister Sugreev's minister
    Why Hanuman dressed like a brahmin and approached Shri Rama and Laxman when they were coming towards Rishyamukh hill. Sugreev felt that these two men coming towards them must have been sent by Vali,his enemy brother.So he wanted to know who they were and why they were there
    Hanuman's father was-------and mother was ---------. Father-Pavandev(Wind god) and mother--Anjani
    On knowing the identity of Shri Rama and Laxman, what did Hanuman do. Hanuman told them why he has been sent by Sugreev and shed his Brahmin dress and took on his original monkey features.He told Shri Rama to meet Sugreev and to make friendship with him.and that Sugreev had a huge army of monkeys and he would help him to get back Sita.Saying this Hanuman lifted up Shri Rama and Laxmana on his shoulders and rising into the sky he flew towards Rishyamukha hill to help them to meet Sugreev.
    Who had collected the jewellery dropped by Sita while she was flying over their heads in a chariot held by a demon. Sugreeva had collected the jewellery and kept with him.
    What did Sugreeva swear when he met Shri Rama He swore to be friend of Shri Rama for life and to help him to defeat Ravana in battle and to ensure that Sita was given back to Shri Rama
    Explain how Sugreeva ,the younger brother of Vali became his sworn enemy. One day the demon Mayasur's son,Mayavi,arrived on the outskirts of Kishkinda and started roaring loudly.Vali couldnot tolerate it.He came out and gave a mighty blow to Mayavi.Unable to bear the pain,the demon ran off to his cave.Vali and Sugreeva ran after him .Vali entered the cave chasing Mayavi putting Sugreeva on guard outside the cave.More than a month passed and Sugreeva kept outside the cave.One day ,huge stream of blood started flowing out of the cave.Believing that Vali was dead,Sugreeva blocked the entrance of the cave with a huge stone and returned to Kishkinda and was crowned the King.Suddenly one day Vali returned and thinking that Sugreeva purposely blocked him inside the cave,he became very angry with Sugreeva and rained blows on him.Sugreeva ran away from Kishkinda and came to Rishyamukha hill.Thus Sugreeva became a sworn enemy of Vali.
    Who snatched Sugreeva's wife and children Vali.
    When Shri Rama asked Sugreeva for the first time to challenge Vali to fight and when the fight began,Shri Rama could not help Sugreeva.Why? Because Shri Rama and Laxmana stood at a distance and watched the fight.But since both Vali and Sugreeva looked alike,Shri Rama could not make out who was Vali and who was Sugreeva and so could not help Sugreeva.
    Who killed Vali. Shri Rama killed Vali when Sugreeva challenged Vali to fight second time.
    What was Vali's last wish and who fulfilled it.. Before dying, vali requested Shri Rama to fulfill his last wish of making Sugreeva the king of Kishkinda and make his(Vali's) son Angad the crown prince.Laxmana was sent to Kishkinda by Shri Rama to fulfill this wish.
    Who was king Sugreev's wife Queen Tara was King Sugreev's wife.
    Why was Laxmana angry when he came to Sugreev. Because it seemed Sugreev had forgotten the promise he had given to Shri Rama to help search for Sita.
    Who pacified Laxmana and how.. Queen Tara pacified him by saying that on the orders of Hanuman all the chieftains were on their way to Kishkinda
    Who were sent towards the Vindhaya and Malayachala Mountains in the south by Sugreeva in search of Sita. Chieftains Neel and Jambavaan with Angad and Hanuman,with their armies were sent in the south
    How much time was given to monkey armies to search for Sita. One month time.
    While searching for Sita Hanuman discovered a cave paved in gold and jewels and in that cave was a woman who with the help of her magical powers carried the entire army of Hanuman to the Sothern sea shore.Who was she? Swayamprabha
    While sitting on the southern seashore along with jambavan,Angad and the monkey army,what did Hanuman see? Hanuman saw a giant eagle flying overhead.
    Why did the eagle land at Hanuman's feet. Since the time given to the monkey army to find Sita had come to an end,they could not return empty handed because Sugreev would punish them So they preferred to die on the sea shore rather than going back to Sugreev empty handed.At this moment Hanuman saw the giant eagle overhead said aloud"At least the eagle will have a good meal. He can feast on our dead bodies.How strange ,one eagle Jatayu helped Shri Rama.But this eagle flying over us will feast on our dead bodies." Hearing the name of Jatayu, the eagle flew down and landed at Hanuman's feet.
    What was the name of this eagle and who was it? The eagle's name was Sampaati and he was elder brother of Jatayu.
    Why were the wings of Sampaati-the giant eagle, burnt? Once Jatay and Sampaati challenged the Sun.Sampaati went very close to the sun and so his wings were burnt.Jatayu was not injured as Sampaati was protecting him by flying over him.
    After telling by Hanuman all about what happened so far (including what happened to Jatayu)and his search for Sita,what did Sampaati say? Sampaati told Hanuman " Across the sea ,a hundred kilometers to the south,is Ravana's kingdom,Lanka.One day I sawRavana flying high in his chariot carrying a woman with him.Most probably Sita is there."
    How did Sampaati got his wings back. He performed the after-death ceremony of his brother,and and after performing the ceremony,he got his wings back.
    Who started flying South in the direction of Lanka and how? After receiving the guidance from Sampaati,the question now before the monkey army was who was to fly one hundred kilometers across the sea.Hanuman was the only strongest amongst all to fly hundred kilometers across the sea.And so he was reminded of his strength by Jambavaan.Hanuman increased his size a hundred times ,stood as tall as a mountain and shouting "Jai Shri Ram!"leaped high into the sky and started in the direction of Lanka

    Sundara Kaand


    Questions Answers
    While Hanuman was flying over the sea with the power of a million jet engines,what did the King of the sea,Sagar Raja offered him.and what was Hanuman's reaction to it. Knowing fully well that Hanuman was on a holy job,Sagar Raja decided to help him.Under the sea was a huge mountain,called the Mainaka Mountain.He raised it out of the sea and invited Hanuman to rest on it for some time.But Hanuman while thanking Sagar Raja for the offer declined to accept it saying that he was in a hurry and so had no time to rest.
    What obstacles did Hanuman meet while flying over the sea. Surasa, the serpent queen, taking the form of a demoness wanted to eat Hanuman.Hanuman escaped by taking the form of a tiny speck of dust. A few miles further a she-demon called Simhika also wanted to swallow Hanuman.who escaped again making himself very very small.
    After landing on the shores of Lanka when he took his usual size ,Lankini,and before entering the city of Lanka whom did Hanuma meet. He met a gigantic woman,Lankini,the guardian goddess of the city whom Hanuman knocked down with one single blow.and went ahead.
    How was Lanka ,as seen by Hanuman. Lanka was a beautiful place.The street were very broad and lined with fruit and flower bearing trees.Along the streets stood magnificent buildings and temoles with golden domes.The people were richly dressed.Men rode magnificent horses and women were being carryied in silver palanquins.
    Where did Hanuman search for Sita during day time and after sunset.and what was the result Hanuman searched all over Lanka,streets,public places,important buildings,and all the gardens during day time.After sunset he entered Ravana's palace and searched it thouroughly but could not find Sita.
    why was Ashokvan so called Because it had a large number of ashoka trees
    Wher did Hanuman finally find Sita In Ashokavan
    How was Hanuman sure that the lady sitting under an ashoka tree was Sita. Hanuman had an image of Sita in his mind.The lady sitting under the tree matched that image.and also the lady was continuously saying "Shri Ram!Shri Ram!"
    How did Hanuman greeted Sita and introduced himself to her Hanuman said to Sita "Greetings,Mother Sita! I am Hanuman messenger of Shri Ram!"
    What did Hanuman do when Sita was suspicious thinking that Ravana was playing some trick to win over her. Hanuman tossed to her Shri Ram's ring that he had bought with him which Sita recognised.
    Why did Sita refused to be carried by Hanuman to Shri Rama Because she thought that if she went away secretly with Hanuman,then the cruel Ravana would not be punished for his bad act.Thinking so she handed over her ring to Hanuman telling him ,"Son,take this to Shri Rama.Tell him I am here.Ask him to come here ,defeat Ravana in battle and take me back.
    Why did Ravana ordered one of his chieftains to go with his army and capture Hanuman.and what was the result After Hanuman met Sita ,he was so happy that he started hopping with joy,plucking the fruits in Ashokavan and eating them,uprooting trees,killing many of the she-demons guarding Sita.So Ravana ordered to arrest him.But Hanuman attacked the chieftain with a huge stone and killed him.and started hitting out at the soldiersby pluicking giant trees from the garden killed most of them.
    whom did Ravana then send to capture Hanuman His brave and powerful son Indrajeet was sent to capture Hanuman.
    How was Hanuman brought to Ravana. when Indrajeet's arrows didnot frighten Hanuman,he shot a very owerful arrow called Brahmastra at Hanuman whereby Hanuman fainted and Hanuman's hands were tied and he was brought before Ravana.
    What did Hanuman say to Ravana when he was asked who he was and why he has come to Lanka. Hanuman introduced himself to Ravana and asked him to release Sita and send her back to Rama as he has done a great sin by kidanpping her. and to say sorry to Shri Rama
    What did Ravana do after hearing Hanuman He got wild and ordered to chop Hanuman's head.
    Who intervened at this stage and what did he say to Ravana Ravana's brother Vibheeshana intervened at this stage and told Ravana that he has no right to kill Hanuman as he is a messenger
    Then what did Ravana do. Then Ravana ordered Hanuman's tail to be set on fire.
    what happened when Hanuman's tail was set on fire. When the fire started burning fiercely, Hanuman shouted "Jai Shri Ram"and leaped in to the sky setting the houses of the demons and their King and the whole city on fire.There was panic allover Lanka.
    After burning Lanka what did hanuman do. Hanuman landed on sea shore,dipped his tail in sea and put out the fire.Shouting "Jai Shri Ram" again,he leaped into the sky and started his return journey.
    Who all were waiting for Hanuman Angad,Jambavaan and other monkey chieftains were waiting anxiuosly for Hanuman
    Where did Hanuman and the monkey army started marching then to. They started marching to Kishkinda where Sugreeva and Shri Rama were wating for some news.
    What did Rama do when he heard the news about Sita. Identifying Sita by her ring sent through Hanuman, he shed tears of joy and hugged Hanuman

    Yuddha Kaanda


    Questions Answers
    On receiving Sita's ring from Hanuman,what did Shri Rama doShri Rama called Sugreeva and told him not to wait any longer and to make preparations to attack Lanka and get back Sita as Sita wouldnot wait any longer and wanted to end her life as told by Hanuman.
    Who fought who in war on Lanka Angada(from vanaras) fought with Indrajit
    Sampaati(from vanaras) with Prajangha
    Hanuman (from vanaras) with Jambumali
    Neela (from vanaras)with Nikumbha
    Laxmana with Viroopaksha
    Who with the help of his magic,made himself invisible and started showering poisonous darts on Rama and Laxmana and why?Indrajit; because Angada killed his charioteer and horses and smashed his chariot and so he lost his temper.
    Why did the vanaras were confused and started weepingBecause Rama and Laxmana were terribly annoyed for they did not know the source of the poisonous darts and the venomous serpent darts bound them and made them quite helpless>They coud not even move or talk.So Vanaras felt that Rama and Laxmana were dead
    Who was confident and told vanaras that Rama and Laxmana were not deadVibheeshana
    Why did Seeta felt that Rama and Laxmana were deadBecause Indrajit told Ravana that he killed both Rama and Laxmana .So Ravana ordered rakshasis to take Sita in Pushpak vimana and to show her the dead bodies and accodingly the rakshasis did.
    Who convinced Sita that Rama and Laxmana were not deadThe rakshasi Trijata
    Who made Rama and Laxmana conscious by his gentle stroke.Garuda
    After hearing that Rama and Laxmana are alive ,whom did Ravana sent for battle with vanaras?A rakshasa called Dhoomraksha
    Who killed Dhoomaraksha?Hanuman
    After Dhoomaraksha was killed whom did Ravana send to lead the battle on rakshasa sideVajradhumshtra
    Who fought with Vajradhumshtra from vanaras's side and what was the result?Angada fought with Vajradhumshtra and killed him.
    Who next lead the battle from vanaras and rakshasas's side and what happened thereafter.Prahasta ,the commander-in-chief of Ravana fought the battle from his side and Neela faced him from vanaras' side.It was a tough fight on both sides and many heads rolled on the ground.Finally Neela lifted a massive boulder and shattered Prahasta's head.
    After Prahasta,the commander-in-chief was killed,Who then lead the battle from Ravana's side?Describe.After seeing the defeat and killing of his many warriors,Ravana himself lead the battle.He slew vanaras left and right,felled Neela with a fire dart.For a long time Hanuman gave him a good fight but even then he could not be beaten.Then Laxmana encountered him.There was a fierce battle and Laxmana became wounded and unconscious.Finally Rama and Ravana came face to face and at the end Rama knocked off Ravana's crown,broke his chariot and destroyed all his weapons.Then Rama asked Ravana to go home now and come back the next day refreshed as he looked tired.Ravana went back to his palace ashamed.
    After Ravana returned to his palace ashamed by his failure to face Rama at the battle,who lead the battle.and what happened.Kumbhakarna was waken up and was sent to lead the battle.Kumbhakarna marched upon the vanaras .He ate up countless vanaras and killed even more.Angada,Sugreeva and Neela were knocked unconcious.He even wounded Hanuman.When Laxmana came forward to fight with him,he brushed him aside and said he would fight only Rama.Rama and Kumbhakarna fought for a long time.In the end Rama aimed a arrow and severed his head.powerful
    After Kumbhakarna who fought the battle.Ravana's sons,Trishiras,Narantaka,Devantaka,Mahodara and Atikaya each one equal to his father in strength fought one by one and they too fell on the battle field.
    Who lead the battle thereafter from Ravana's sideIndrajit
    Who made Rama and Laxmana unconscious by his poisonous dartsIndrajit
    Who instructed Hanuman to bring herbs with healing qualities from Himalay to save Rama and LaxmanaJambavan
    After Indrajit returned to Ravana with his victory news and after hearing the triumphant cries of vanaras when Rama and Laxmana were revived,whom did Ravana sent to lead the battle.He sent Kumbha and Nikumbha ,Kumbhakarna's sons to the battle who also met their death at the hands of Sugreeva and Hanuman
    Then who went to attack vanaras.Indrajit
    What magic did Indrajit resorted to.Indrajit created a maya-Sita and placed her in achariot and infront of all vanaras killed her.
    Who told vanaras, Rama and Laxmana that it was not true that Sita was killed and it was only due to maya power of Indrajit and also advised Rama to send Laxmana to stop Indrajit from performing asuric sacrifice to gain more power. Vibheeshana
    Who finally killed IndrajitLaxmana killed Indrajit by his Indra-astra
    Who finally came out to fight against Rama Ravana himself.A terrible battle ensued between Rama and Ravana .Rama cut off one head of Ravana after the other.But as he cut off one head another would rise to take its place.Ultimately Rama used Agastya astra which pierced Ravana's chest ,the seat of all power and strength.and thus Ravana fell down dead.
    Who was crowned the king of Lanka after Ravana's death.Vibheeshana
    Who was sent to bring Sita.Hanuman
    Why did Rama didnot accept Sita when she was brought to Rama by Hanuman from Ashok van in Lanka?Rama didnot accept Sita saying she had lived in a stranger's house for a year and that they couldnot live together any more.
    What did Sita do thereafterSaying that her blood was as pure as that of Rama,and also that she could not bear that insult to her she gave up her body in fire.But the fire did not do any harm to her ;instead Agni rose from the fire in his own form and presented Sita to Rama requesting Rama to accept Sita as she was pure.Rama took Sita by her hand and smiled at her.They understood each other.
    Who all went to Ayadhya and how.Rama ,Laxmana,Sita,Hanuman,Sugreeva and Vibheeshana went to Ayodhya by Pushpaka Vimana as only few days were left for the fourteen years to be over.
    What did Bharat tell Rama when he met him at Ayodhya.He told Rama to take back his crown,his people,his kindom and his throne which always belonged to him.
    Who crowned RamaSage Vasishta crowned Rama and Rama rajya-an age of supreme contentment,joy and goodness took birth