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Incometax calculator for individuals

Fill in the following(Fill in fields marked * only. Other fields will be auto filled)

=60)) $_POST['netincome']=($sum-$p); else $_POST['netincome']=($sum-$q); $c=$_POST['netincome']; ?>
* Select the assessment year(assessment year is one year ahead of financial year)
* Select the age (completed years in the financial year corresponding to the assessment year)
* Income (from salary/pension)
a Income from salary/pension after deducting standard deduction(if admissible)
b * Income from other sources(all sources including banks and post offices)(Interest from FDs etc except int from SB a/c)
b1 * Income from other sources(from banks and post offices only)(Interest from FDs,Recurring deposits etc except int from SB a/c)
c * Income from other sources(Interest from SB a/c)
d * Deductions(u/s 80C) (PPF etc)
e Total income(a+b+c)
f Deductions(u/s 80TTA/80TTB)(interest from SB a/c (c) or Rs 10000 whichever is less) or if assessment year is 2019-20 and the person is senior citizen, minimum of (50000 and b1+c)
g Total deductions (d+f)
h Net income (e-g)