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: we are exposed to engine exausts,environment pollutants,and hundred of toxic chemicals every day.This along with a wrong lifestyle and poor nutrition has a devastating effect on our health.Long exposure to these toxins can cause repiratory problems like shortness ofbreath,bronchitis,asthma,wheezing ,coughing headaches pneumonia & even lung cancer.

The environmental toxins step up free radical[unstable molecules]production in the body by a process called oxidation and this causes serious damage to the body.Antitoxidants like vitamin A,vitamin C,vitamin E and selenium are known to douse the harmful effect of these free radicals and are your surest protection against damage from environmental toxins pollution and smog.

The best way to deal with pollution is to avoid it as much as possible.Instead of walking on trafficked roads,walk on tread-mill.For combatting internal pollution,take vitamins A,C,E and selenium together as capsule or in natural form take lots of fruits salad greens,raw vegetables and vegetable juices.