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Good health-1(Tips for a better living )

  1. as one grows older, the zinc, copper,iron,calcium and chromium content in the body goes down.these can be replaced by multivitamin tablets.

  2. aging results in insomnia,mental confusion and various kinds of anaemia.doses of vitamin b1,b6 and b12 have been known to be effective.

  3. rince your mouth seven to eight times after every meal and massage your gums with the middle finger of your right will help clean and wash small food particles from the grooves between your teeth.

  4. place a small onion on your aching may relieve you of your pain.

  5. donot scrape carrots before eating them.washing them is good enough.

  6. always opt for soft tooth brushes.hard brushes may scratch your gums,inviting infections.

  7. inculcate good eating habits in children.three meals a day are enough for a child. encourage him to chew the food he eats,and advise him to eat slowly.

  8. old people donot pass enough urine.they should avoid high protein diets and sodium(salt as it puts extra strain on the excretory functions of the kidneys.

  9. during hot,humid and sultry weather,socks should be changed atleast twice a day.nylon socks aggravate foot infection.if you sweat more in that area,switch to cotton socks.

  10. women should dry their feet and the area between the toes. they should not walk around with wet feet in the house and allow fungus to develop between the toes.

  11. remember to fill your mouth with water whenever you wash your face or splash your will keep your eyes healthy.

  12. add some baking soda to your bath water to sooth itching or minor skin rashes.

  13. minor dysentry troubles can be relieved by eating a single banana,or rice with curd.

  14. drinking 8-10 glasses of water every day will prevent kidney or bladder stones

  15. noodles ,spaghetti and macaroni may taste god.they,however lack fibre and their vitamin content is destroyed due to excessive use of salt,sugar and preservatives.donot consume too often.

  16. place rugs in your home instead of of wall to wall carpets.carpeting traps dust,pollen and insects, creating a health menace in the house.

  17. biting insects prefer dark colors.they will bite you less if your bed linen and night clothes are white.

  18. avoid poisonous bug sprays.spray boric acid mixed with water in your helps you get rid of cockroaches ,ants and termites.

  19. washing hair with a paste of cooked black gram (urad)and fenugreek(methi) increases the hair growth,prevents graying and cures dandruft.

  20. relieve yourself as soon as you feel the urge.donot delay passing of urine ,as it strains your body.

  21. soak your legs in warm water just before going to bed to induce a sound sleep.

  22. snoring can be controlled by sleeping on the stomach.

  23. donot pull the covers over your headwhile sleeping even in needs more oxygen and therefore the nose should not be covered at all.

  24. a firm mattress and hard bed are much better for your back than soft ones.

  25. calcium is not only good for the bones but also reduces the cholesterol level.

  26. never use nasal drops for more than 7-10 days to decongesting your nose.visit your doctor if the problem persists.

  27. cabbage in its raw form is known to alleviate the discomfort of constipation.its juice is also a good cure for duodenal has excellent therapeutic and curative benifits.wash every leaf well before use.

  28. sitting in the car with your back touching the seat during long journeys is harmful.instead, touch the back of the back of the seat with the sides of your body.also get out and walk a little ,halting for a few minutes occasionally.

  29. if you are an arthritis patient, limit your fat intake.keeping your weight low is of prime importance in such a condition.

  30. diabetic patients usually take a little extra dose of insulin or antidiabetic drugs whenever they eat sweets or fried food.this is dangerous and can lead to low blood sugar and create an emergency situation.

  31. a warm tea bag can stop bleeding from small cuts.

  32. if you have dry skin ,avoid hot water baths.if cold water does not suit you apply mustard oil on your body before bathing.

  33. whenever you feel that you have eaten excessively,take a spoonful of black mustard(rai)wih will cure indigestion.

  34. soak 10 almonds overnight,blanch and grind them into a paste.mix one teaspoon ofmilk cream(malai) and one teaspoonof coconut oil.apply the paste on your face and massage for fifteen minutes before will see the glow on your face within a few days.

  35. in case of a mild soar throat,gargle with warm salted water specially before going to sleep.

  36. if you enjoy good health,walk up the staircase.avoid using lifts and escalators for a floor two.

  37. walk as much as you can confortably but briskly.a walk after dinner is a must.

  38. eat atleast one fruit every day.

  39. bananas are a good source of potassium.

  40. eating guavas can rid you of constipation

  41. when standing,distribute your body weight on both legs.

  42. foods with a high fat content have a disastrous effect on your power of may find youself mentally slow and having poor judgement.

  43. groundnuts contain more protein than meat and eggs.

  44. when dieting ,donot try to lose weight more than five kilos a will not only make you weak but also add to your weight immediatly when you resume your normal diet.

  45. shoes should be chosen so that they cover and protect your feet.make sure your toes rest comfortably in their natural them only in the evenings as that is the time when the feet are heaviest and a little swollen.

  46. fill a green bottle with water and keep it in the sunfor a few days.wash your eyes with this waterto give relief to your eyes.

  47. put some slices of kheera(cucumber)on the eyelids for some time and your eyes will feelrefreshed.

  48. if the cuticle(the skin just below your nails)is dry,cracked or cut,apply some antibiotic cream or vaseline on them before going to bed.

  49. generally speaking,a dry climate is better suited to an asthmatic person than a humid one.he or she should try to live away from the sea coast .

  50. children some times are administered bitter medicine which they donot like .you can crush the medicine & mix with water or honey for it to taste better.

  51. if you are suffering from peptic ulcer ,it is advisible to take refrigerated milk without sugar three or four times a day.

  52. donot take aspirin and ibuprofen with fruit juices ,coffee,tea or aerasted drinks as this may worsen the condition.

  53. apply some lemon juice mixed with sugar on your hair.wash it off after 4-5 is a good remedy for dandruff.

  54. it is a common habbit to discontinue treatment the moment the patient gets relief.always complete the course of a medicine as per the advice of the doctor .

  55. bend backwards and stretch your body to the maximum as often as you can.also turn and twist your body on the right and left side .it will keep your body supple and healthy.

  56. neem(margosa)is an excellent disinfectant tree.grow it in your house premises if you can.

  57. for minor itching problems boil some neem leaves and mix it into your bath water,which should be lukewarm.applying

  58. applying a small amount of mustard oil or vaseline about half an inch deep in your rectum will save you from piles throughout your life.if you already suffer from piles do this every day after easing yourself and feel the relief.

  59. for minor burns or skin rashes and irritations apply the gel of aloe vera(ghee-kaur-guar patha)on it several times.

  60. ajwan (bishopseed)is good for gas and pains.half a spoon after meals helps digestion.

  61. eat lots of sprouts,preferably uncooked.

  62. washing your hair with soap or shampoo every day will increse the dandruff.shampoos are more harmful because they contain acid.

  63. wash dry hair once and oily hair twice a week.use brushes instead of combs.

  64. donot squeeze pimples or white heads on your aggravates the problem and may lead to infections.

  65. if you burp and belch excessively,you are probebly taking in air with your food.avoid carbonated drinks and chewing gums and keep your mouth closed while eating.

  66. eating gel of aloe vera(ghee-kaur-gaur pahta)helps a lot in mild osteoartheritis,inflamation and stiffness of joints of the body in old age.

  67. amla(acerola) is a great source of vitamin c even in its dried form.take a spoon of the powder with milk or warm water. vitamin c is a sure antiaging also helps in resisting colds ,bad colds,bad throat,hay fever and allergies.