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Controlling Diabetics:

Today diabatics has become a major public health challenge. According to recent statistics India has the largest number of diabates patients in the world.
What is diabates?Diabates is a disorder in which the glucose levels in the blood are higher than usual levels.What is the normal blood glucose level?Normal fasting blood sugar levelis 60-100 mg percent per 100 mg of plasma.Post-Prandial blood sugar levelis 100-140 mg percent per 100 mg of plasma.
What are the symtoms of diabetes?
The symptoms of diabetes usually include increased appetite (polyphagia),frequent urination (polyuria),increased thirst (poltdypsia),loss of weight,easy fatigue,slow healing of cuts and wounds .If diabetes is left uncontrolled,it could lead to various complications affecting the eys,kidneys,heart,feet & nerves.It is therefore essential that good diabetes control be maintained at all times.
Who gets diabetes?There are two major types of diabetes:
TypeI diabetes is one which commonly occurs in children & young persons.
Type II diabetes is seen generally in middle age and old age.
It is important to note the TypeI can occur at any age & also that TypeII often occurs in young people.The following risk factors have been identified: heridity,obesity,sedentary life style,ageing,malnutrition,lack of exercise,adultration of food with chemicals and pestcides and increased consumption of fast foods.

Precautions for Diabetics: