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Basil and its uses

  1. Soak tulsi leaves and dried gooseberry(anula) powder in water overnight in an iron vessel, strain and use this as a last rinse after shampooing hair. This prevents premature greying and hair loss.
  2. Apply a paste of tulsi and lemon tree leaves mixed with curds on ringworm affected area.
  3. In black iron vessel,boil a bunch of tulsi leaves in mustard oil, when the leaves darken, strain and store in a glass jar. Apply for any skin and hair infections.
  4. Prickly heat can be relieved by eating tulsi seeds mixed with a teaspoon of anula jam (murraba).
  5. Dry some tulsi leaves in the shade for a few days and grind to make powder. Store in jar and use this for:
  1. Acne
  2. Skin
  3. Dandruff
  4. Skin pigmentation
  5. Marks left behind during measels, chicken pox and boils.