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Iron deficiency anaemia is the kind of anaemia that occurs when the iron supply that carries oxygen and carbon diaoxide through the body , is depleted.It is more common in women between 30-40 years.Not all pre-menopausal women suffer from iron deficiency anaemia,but they are more likely to have this problem than younger women and much more likely than men.

Nutrition research has also shown that women usually need higher than usual doses of iron when they are menstruating,pregnant or breast feeding.But all of us tend to require more iron as we grow older than we did as youngsters.So even if you don't have a full blown iron deficiency anaemia ,you may need more iron to ward off the feeling of chilliness or fatigue or breathlessnessthat people often get,when iron supply in their bodies is depleted.

However eating food that is high in iron is not the entire answer.You need to get iron in a form that is absorbable by the body, which means you need to be choosy about your food sources.

Some foods have a good supply of heme iron which is readily absorbable.But in other foods iron is in non-heme form ,which body has trouble absorbing.Yet, here is the twist-even non-heme iron can be absorbed more readily if it is eaten with certain foods.The basic answer to anaemia is to eat a balanced diet.For non vegetarians lean meat is good source of heme iron.

For better absorption of non-heme iron tht is contained in plant foods like vegetables and grains ,add citrus juice to your meals.Though absorption of iron from plant sources or iron-fortified cereals is normally between 2 and 10 %, you can almost double the that rate if you consume a vitamin C rich food or drink at the same time.So a glass of orange or grape fruit juice with your iron fortified breakfast cereal means more iron for your body.

Iron-fortified cereals such as wheat,raisin,bran and branflakes are excellent sources of non-hemeiron when taken along with vitamin C legumes,such as soybeans are also high in non-heme iron.Carrots,potatoes,broccoli and tomatoes are other excellent plant sources of iron.Some vegetable sources contain a large amount of iron ,but also a substance called phytate,which blocks iron's ability to be absorbed.The high phytate crowd includes lentils ,spinach and other leafy vegetables.So if it is iron you need,don't eat these vegetables with your chicken and meat.The amount of phytate will block the heme iron absorption.

It is best not to have coffee or tea with a meal to prevent iron deficiency.Look for an iron supplement that is made from ferrous gluconate , instead of ferrous sulphate.It is easier on the stomach..Avoid taking calcium supplements along with iron.Avoid all in one supplements as other vitamins can interfere with the body's ability for absorption.If you take both calcium and iron supplements,then take calcium in the morning and iron at night.And take it with some citrus juice.

You may try a remedy called "Ferrum aceticum 6c"--4 pills thrice daily ,for two months and follow up with your local homoepath for constitutional treatment.