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1Which is the largest planet in our solar systemJupiter
2Steel is a pure metal. say true or falseFalse
3which organ of the human body is commonly known as a voice box Larynx
4Which is the center of Solar systemThe Sun
5which part of the human body is affected by myopiaEyes
6Eczema affects which part of the bodySkin
7Name the country which was first to send craft into the outer spaceUSSR(now Russia)
8Which part of the body is affected by Hepatitis BLever
9Glaucoma affects which part of the bodyEye
10Deficiency of which vitamin causes night blindnessVitamin A
11How many sensory organs are there in an human body?Five
12How many millimeters are there in a meter?1000
13lightest elementHydrogen
14which one of these is not a flower :-Ratki rani,Phulkari,Chameli & GaindaPhulkari
15For the treatment of which disease a person visits a dermatologistSkin
16Name the rover which landed on Mars in Aug 2012 Curiosity
17what is the speciality of this rover CuriosityIt is the first rover that will truly bore(two inches) in to the surface of Mars
18What is the role of San Diego in the mission of CuriosityMalin Space Science Systems of San Diego developed four cameras for Curiosity,one of which captured the probe's descent last August 2012
19What is the distance between Earth and MarsIt is 212.5 million miles.When the spacecraft landed on Mars on Aug 5 2012,it was 154 million miles
20what is the cost of Curiosity mission$2.5 billion