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1In Ramayana who was Sugriva's brotherBali
2Where did Goutam Buddha deliver his first sermonSarnath
3In Mahabharat whose son was ParikshitAbhimanyu
4The festival of Pongal is celebrated by the people of which stateTamil Nadu
5In Ramayana who is Rama'a mother Koushalya
6In Mahabharat which Pandav answered correctly Yaksha's questionsYudhishthira
7In Mahabharat who was Nakul's motherMadri
8Which Hindu God is also called"Pashupati"Shiva
9Who is not the brother of Shurpanakha? "Ravana","Kumbhakarna","Indrajit","Vibhishana"Indrajit
10Kamadhenu was in the ashram of this sageVasishtha
11In Ramayana which bird tried to save Sita from Ravana & got killedJatayu
12The person disguised as golden deer to tempt Sita in Hindu MythologyMareecha
13In Hindu mythology Arundhati is the wife of this sageVasishtha
14Name the son of Goutam BuddhaRahul
15Who was Chhatrapati Shivaji's GuruSwami Ramdas
16In Mahabharat,who was the sister of Vasudev,father of KrishnaKunti
17In Hindu mythology,who is the brother of BalaramKrishna
18Swami Vivekananda's GuruRamakrishna Paramhans
19Raidas is the Guru ofMeera
20Who is Ganesh's brother in Hindu mythologyKartikeya
21Who wrote HanumanchalisaTulsidas
22What was the condition laid down by Lord Ganesh while agreeing to accept the request of Maharshi Vyas to write Mahabharat for himThat he will not stop even for a moment while writing
23What did Maharshi told Lord Ganesh on the above condition of hisDonot write a word without understanding it
24Name the famous commentary of the Geeta written by Lokamanya Tilak while in jailGeeta Rahasya
25Which chapter contains the Bhagavad Geeta in the epic MahabharatBhishma-Parva,25-to-42
26Which chapter in Geeta contains the secret of effective action in great details&what is the title of the chapterChapter 3,Karma yoga
27How many chapters are there in Bhagavad GeetaEighteen
28How many verses are there in Bhagavad Geeta700
29Name father and mother of HanumanFather Pavandev & Mother Anjani