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1Tista is the tributary of which riverBrahmaputra
2What was the ancient Aryan name for the river IndusSindhu
3 Capital city of which country was named after its first PresidentThe U.S.A
4In which Indian state is KargilJammu & Kashmir
5What is the currency of IsraelShekel
6Which water-body seperates India from Sri LankaPalk-strait
7Which state is the highest producer of sugar in India Uttar Pradesh
8In which country ,the children are most under-nourishedBangladesh
9Who built the Jantar Mantar in Delhi,Ujjain,Mathura Varanashi & JaipurSawai Jaisingh II
10which protectorate was granted the status of a state of India on 25-4-1975Sikkim
11Capital of FijiSuva
12Capital of TaiwanTaipei
13Name the fastest animalCheetah
14 Indian state whose state-language is MalayalamKerala
15From which country does nearly all the world's diamonds come fromAfrica
16In which city is Gandhiji's Sabarmati-Aashram situatedAhmedabad
17Which organisation was established after worldwar-I to maintain peaceLeague of Nations
18Where would you find the largest statue of BuddhaHyderabad-Secunderabad