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1Arrange these presidents of India from first to last as they became Presidents [A]Zail Singh [B] R. Venkat Raman [C] N.Sanjeev Reddy [D] Shankar Dayal SharmaC,A,B,D
2Which is the largest key on a computer key board. Options- [A] Enter [B] Back space [C] Number key [D] Space bar [A]space bar
3Which Indian state has the highest percentage of Hindus. Options -[A] Uttar pradesh [B] Madhya Pradesh [C] Himachal Pradesh [D] Orissa[C]Himachal Pradesh
4In the Mahabharat,who was Droupadi's twin brother. Options -[A] Parikshit [B] Drupada [C] Dristadyumna [D] Ikshvaku[C]Dhristadyumna
5Who was the world's first woman Prime Minister. Options -[A]Indira Gandhi [B] Golda Meir [C] Srimao Bandarnaike [D] Margret Thatcher[C]Srimao Bandarnaike
6In one day cricket how many fielders can stay out side the 15 yards circle for the first 15 overs. Options -[A] 3 [B] 4 [C] 5 [D] 2[D]2
7The rivers BrahmaPutra &Sutlej rise near which source of upper Himalayas. Options- [A] Gangotri [B] Siachen [C] Manasarovar [D] Yamunotri[C]Manasarovar
8Which of these donot reproduce by laying eggs. Options -[A]Whales [B] Hens [C] Crocodiles[A]Whales
9What was the first name of wife of last Viceroy of India. Options -[A] DIana [B] Sara [C] Elizabeth [D] Edwina[D]Edwina
10Which asian game gold medalist played Bheema in the T.V. serial Mahabharat. Options- [A]Bhim singh [B] Praveena Kumar [C]Dara singh [D] Pargat singh [B]Praveen Kumar
11Which name is given to the star for the star sign of lion. Options-[A] Cancer [B] Taurus [C] Leo [D] Pieses[C]Leo
12Who composed "Pag ghungaru bandh meera nachere" Options -[A] Tukaram [B] [B] Surdas [C] Meera [D] Dnyaneshwar[C]Meera
13Tirupati temple is in which of these states. Options-[A] Karnatak [B] Andhra-Pradesh [C] Tamil Nadu [D] Kerala[B]Andhra Pradesh
14In which international beauty-contest does the winner of the Miss India title represernt IndiaMiss universe
15Who was the first Indian to win the Miss niverse titleSushmita Sen
16In which subject did Mahathma Gandhi have an education degreeLaw
17what sort of rifle is AK-47Assault rifle
18Full form of FIRFirst Information Report
19Name the train which runs between India and PakistanSamzouta Express
20Who is the first Asian to win Nobel Prize?Rabindranath Tagore
21Census in India is held every ---- yearsFour
22What is AGNIAction for Good governance & Networking in India
23Full form of C.B.I.Central Bureau of Investigation
24What is NHRCNational Human Rights Commission
25Flying over this historic monument in India is prohibitedTajmahal
26When was the census first held in Independent India1951
27The first modern Indian census was conducted by the Brititsh in -------1871-72
28Who is the last nobel prize winner in LiteratureArundhati Roy
29The famous writing of Rabindranath Tagore which won the nobel prizeGitanjali
30In the VIII schedule of the constitution of India 15 languages have been recognised as statutary(official) languages of India.Out of these only two languages are not state languages.What are they?Sanskrit,Sindhi
31The state language of Jammu & Kashmir isUrdu
32In which language did Kalidas compose his worksSanskrit
33Leaves of which tree are there on the flag of U.N.Olive tree
34In which category did Mother Terrasa win Nobel Prize in 1979Peace
35In which state is the Gir National Park situated Gujrath
36Which colonial power ruled Goa before it became a part of IndiaPortugese
37What is the birth sign of Mahatma Gandhi by the Zodiac calenderLibra
38Besides M.P.which Indian state shares its boundaries with seven statesAssam
39How Adolf Hitler diedCommitted suicide
40What language did Buddha preach inPali
41In which state is KanyakumariTamil Nadu
42What is the name of the horse used by Rana Pratap in the battle of HaldighatChetak
43Under which article of Indian constitution Jammu & Kashmir is given a special status.370
44On the bank of which river Nasik is situated Godavari
45The Nawab of which province did the British defeat at Plassey in 1757Bengal
46Persia is the former name of this countryIran
47Who invented the AK-47Kalashnikov of Russia
48India's first woman IPS officerKiran Bedi
49Capital of Dadra & Nagar HaveliSilvassa
50Of which Indian state is Garbha a traditional folk dance?Gujarath
51In olden times which region was called KalingaOrissa
52Of which substance is pencil madeGraphite
53What is the name of the Jawaharlal-Nehru's samadhi at DelhiShanti Vana
54What is the name of the Lal-Bahadur-Shastri's samadhi at DelhiVijay Ghat
55What is the name of the Indira-Gandhi's samadhi at DelhiShakti Sthal
56What is the name of the Rajiv Gandhi's samadhi at DelhiVeer Bhumi
57What is the name of the Charan-Singh's samadhi at DelhiKisan Ghat
58What is the name of the Jagjivan-Ram's samadhi at DelhiSamata Sthal
59India's tallest minar is located in which cityDelhi
60In which city in India trams still existKolkata
61How many stock Exchanges are there in India? Name themThree;BSE,NSE and MCX-SX
62Sitar legend Ravi Shankar was posthumously awarded the best world music album trophy at Grammys on Feb 2013 for his album---- The Living Room Sessions Part 1
6360 days after his demise ,sitar legend Pandit Ravi Shankar was honoured with this Grammy awardLifetime Achievement Grammy award
64Oldest living womanRujjammal of the Toda tribal community in Nilgiri hills of Udhagamandalam of Tamil Nadu,India( 110 yrs on Feb 2,2013)
65Who is the newly elected Pope?Pope Francis;His real name is Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio,the archbishop of Buenos Aires,who has spent his most of the time in Argentina